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1 - the ability to search a database containing more than 50 thousand of Lebanese Businessmen from more than 80 countries around the world, and the names of companies belonging to them and their activities,

2 – Record your personal Information free (click here)

3 - Use the database through a user name and password

- Anyone who visits the website can search for the name of a company or a person or a nickname or activity or the state, once you enter the name in the box designated for that and then click word (Research), up to the search result submitted to it (the person's name, company name, activity and country) without offering a full address, telephone and details ....... Then when you press on the name to see details and phone numbers, will ask you for a user name and password (user and Password).

- The visitor can get a user name and password in two ways:

1 - By following the site instructions and pay of the subscription fees through the payment gateway (gateway) on the site. (Annual

subscription $ 50 US Dollars) (Click Here)

2 - by purchasing an annual subscription card is $ 50 Dollars, contact us at the following numbers:

(965) 66384060 - 66223019 - Fax: (965) 25750945

Email :



This card provides common access to the site (user name and password) and authority to use the database and access to any name or title he wants about any Lebanese in the world, and give him the right to publish classified ad free on the site for the duration of the subscription, and get his own site under the name of Lebanese site in the world

Subdomain)- (Www. Yourname.

Also get an email through our site

As well as get a membership card at the site bearing his name and address and his photo enables him to obtain discounts from companies and organizations such as airlines, hotels and restaurants in Lebanon and the world.