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Publisher Message

Thousands of years ago, began the Lebanese spreading around the world, carrying their ambitions and dreams in search of suitable opportunities, were the first who contributed to the drafting of the letter and circulated, and the establishment of the principles of trade and exchange of goods, ranging from the navigation of the first ship to reach the age of technology and e-commerce, also contributed to the age of laws and laws that organized the relationship between the peoples.


The Lebanese in the Diaspora, are events influential in all economic sectors, financial, informational, technical, youe see them, businessmen, journalists, artists, cadre management and productivity, technical, and medical organizations, educational ... and has made great achievements in the world, rarely analogous. And worked in the countries of the world locations of several, and carried the Secretariat professionally recognized her, in all sectors, One was confidence in their abilities and their ability, creating a state of seeking human realistic on the basis of economic integration, have led to the creation of Elaph common between them and the peoples of the world, was built integrations many the level of exchange of needs, benefits and experiences, to invest significant successes in vital economic sectors.


According to sources, the current situation Expatriates began to be formed since the late nineteenth century, the result was more than twelve million expatriate Lebanese in the world, at a time does not exceed the number of Lebanese living in Lebanon's four million.


In this aspect, the attention of the chairpersons direct affairs emigrant, given the permanent support and continuous, and care for all conferences and events that deal with alienation, gives conclusive evidence of the policy Emigrant adopted by the State to regulate and activate the role of the Diaspora through the issuance of laws that are in line with the aspirations of the business and meet their aspirations, and through organized action falls within the institutional framework of local economic agencies and expatriate, to the benefit of Lebanon and the Diaspora.


The lack of information quantity required, the form of an obstacle in the process of constant communication with Lebanon expatriate, led to the inability to identify the capacity Emigrant size and shape of the right, and therefore can not view the investment opportunities available in Lebanon in the largest segment of expatriates, and not to benefit from the capabilities and competencies Emigrant .


From here, came a series expatriate Lebanese (Lebanese in the world), and the creation of website under the title, which provides comprehensive information and detailed information on the Lebanese communities in the world, and the activities of economic, commercial, industrial, and includes a database (Database) for the names of companies belonging to them and their activities, in order to secure the communication channels required to identify their activities in various sectors, allowing for the exchange of ideas and creating opportunities for integration, and provide opportunities for successful investment for individuals and companies.


This work answers a good time for these needs, in line with the age of technology, Computer, Internet and communications, which have become a main nerve in handling commercial and financial world, and became its services diversified, short for time and a new system of human life, "I", and to answer any questions serve the Lebanese who want to cooperation with one another to encourage investment, which serves as national issues and issues of states where they live in "II."


We hope that this is a site in the near future, the main nucleus for the establishment of an information center on the Lebanese Diaspora in the world, and become the main channel of communication among themselves, and between Lebanon.


We hope that we have been successful in this work and the goals that we aspire to, and in priority to create a gathering of senior Lebanese around the world would serve the expatriate and their country of residence and thus the service of Lebanon in all fields, and we hope to be well signed well in both those familiar with it. We invite all who wish to join this site to do their part of the initiative to register their information and participation, to the benefit of the joint.


Fadi R. Saad