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Will include every book from cover to cover overview of the history of relations Aterbt by Lebanon with the State concerned, the activity will also include the Lebanese community in that State, and of each book will be distributed ten thousand copies.

Lebanese in the World (Second Edition) - Lebanese in the Gulf (third edition) - Lebanese in Kuwait (version V) - Lebanese in the UAE (Second Edition).

Will be distributed 5000 copies of each book for free on all public institutions, ministries and Alassat government and economic authorities in Lebanon and in each of the aforementioned countries, as well as the Lebanese embassies in the world and foreign embassies in Lebanon, will also be selling the book for a nominal fee for those who wish to keep a copy of a book mentioned.

For all Information:

Tel: (965) 66223019 , Mobile: (965) 66384060
Fax: (965) 25750945


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