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موقع لبنانيون - Lebanese In Kuwait
Lebanese In Kuwait

the common Relations between Lebanon and Kuwait


Kuwait, Lebanon, two models are brought together by heritage, a deep-rooted analogy in political affairs, media, cultural, and Isahoan fertility of the democratic experience, and relationships Kuwait Lebanese relations are strong and rich experience of achievements, and notable case of fraternity back to the twenties of last century, they are an oasis rich in diversity and recognition of the other, leads us meaning to documentation of all that lies upon the hands of researchers for inclusion in this book after checking his health, to make the language of communication and a loop to link the past with the present, surpassing only read the text to be an attraction to Ibrazalldor whatever its size, And talk about the history of the Lebanese Kuwaiti and depth in a few pages is impossible, but we have tried to offer within the pages of this book is the availability of our information and documents we obtained from the sources, perhaps contributing to the documentation of the history of many manufacturer excellent relations, both the location and within its competence and capabilities.

Lebanese Community in Kuwait





And As  the Kuwaitis Loved Lebanon, as well as those Lebanese who loved Kuwait and the faithful have, it has embraced the Kuwait since the thirties of the last century, a community of Lebanese creative, she worked at several sites, and in different sectors, with love and devotion of Kuwait and the Kuwaitis, and the emblem of toil and work to contribute to the economic renaissance of Kuwait , and the Lebanese community, formed their presence, and take its size is growing in numbers day by day. The events are influential in all sectors.
And Iatbralaam 1915 starting point to communicate the common side Kuwaiti and Lebanese, as mentioned by Dr. Khalil Erzona in his book (Lebanese immigration to Kuwait), where he scored the first of the Lebanese is the penitent Mahmoud Mustafa Shalabi, who came to Kuwait to work in 1915 during the First World War, and died where at the age of 80 years.

The Lebanese in Kuwait, as in the world, make up the events influential in all economic sectors, financial, informational, technical, Vtgdam, businessmen, journalists, artists, cadre management and productivity, technical, and medical organizations, educational ... and has made great achievements in the world, rarely analogous .
Lebanon has carried the message of love and giving and peace, when they came to Kuwait, and worked in several positions, and carried the Secretariat recognized for their high professionalism, in all sectors, One was confidence in their abilities and their ability.

During the visit of His Excellency President Michel Suleiman to Kuwait to attend the Arab Economic Summit held in Kuwait on 19 and January 20, 2009 he met the sons of the Lebanese community in Kuwait in the hall of Lebanon Embassy of Lebanon, and up to the loving affections of the Lebanese for their chief General Michel Suleiman, As far as the hope of achieving a national consensus and coexistence gathered to meet with Lebanese President for the first time after his election.
The feeling was one and say:
Thank God that we have a President of the Republic and the stage of the race against time that we have lived without a president are over. And here is our president presents himself as the leader of the national unity and reconciliation in his ability to change and instil confidence in the hearts of all parties.
And many questions carry with them to the Lebanese president on the future of Lebanon and not in arrears in the answer that came during his address by saying:
Lebanon's march off and the train on the track we're going to re-production of civic life and democracy, and had to be to go back and embrocation to the world unified state in which the constitutional powers consisting of a president represents Lebanon and with the agreement of all Lebanese and can say a word to Lebanon without any pressure, but his freedom, which represents the will of all Lebanese.
The President Suleiman for his pride relations Lebanese with the countries of the world through its sects and parties and family be, considering it essential to Lebanon, but provided that in the interest of the state, stressing the need to have this deal through official channels through dealing with the State represented by the head of state and government, stressing The strong state is to protect all Lebanese.
Since Kuwait's special place in the hearts of the Lebanese went to the Lebanese President Suleiman said:
I believe you did not expatriates in Kuwait, but you are in your country, in the heart of Lebanon. Be apostles of civilization, Russell co-existence and loyal to Kuwait, which has not given up on Lebanon at any moment.
Praising the efforts of His Highness the Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed and ongoing contributions of the Kuwait Fund all Lebanese regions, in addition to the Arab Development Fund, which contributes to the Kuwait and in the same time helping Lebanon and stand by his side.
And diversity that exists in Lebanon to achieve the same diversity in contrast to other places, which are the dominant class over the other. In Lebanon, diversity exists and has the role of political and social home.
Lebanon today has become a model at the global level, and was ashamed of his home country of the expatriates have felt that there is hope and they have a new home built from.
I am sure that the State of Israel has resisted and defeated, the State was able to defeat terrorism in a time not able to do so, a state where the events got Magdy Rady of all parties without any incident, they could create a state of institutions.
Be assured that we are through the dialogue addressing all issues, coupled with the Council of Ministers and the House and what happens is to discuss things carefully and explicitly between the President and Chairman of the House of Representatives and the President of the Council of Ministers and leaders of parliamentary blocs, calling these blocks through their meetings to find a solution to all things.
We are not missing anything, and Lebanon's youth does not lack anything to get in the composition of the civil state of democracy and the right tour that we did reflected positively on the political, security, economy, and Lebanon needs today is not only for stability and peace of the people. And our economy grows rapidly when we are in a period of stability, and Lebanon, the most important countries that have managed to go beyond the existing global financial crisis.
And, in turn, gave the Lebanese Ambassador to Kuwait Dr. Bassam Numani Welcome President said:
We have stepped your feet to the ground for the Lebanese Embassy in Lebanon, for all the Lebanese and a refuge and cranny of different affiliations and policies.
Have you said in his inaugural speech that the expatriates have to see their mother had to stop again, and that we recognize the rights of expatriate and move forward in the proceedings leading to the promotion of contact with the cultivation homeland and use their abilities and employment so as not to become alienated from the country and they are more deserving of citizenship than those who received them.
We are meeting today with a constellation of community members, even throw you greetings and Iehdokm to be soldiers in the process of national reconciliation and concord, which Tjudunha awareness and wisdom, and be in the heart of a man and one shade tree twigs fay 'al-rice.
The estimated number of the Lebanese community in the Gulf, between 180 200 thousand Lebanese. Distributed among the Gulf states as follows:

Kuwait General Information



 Head of state:

His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.


His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

President of the Council of Ministers:

His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah

Official name:

State of Kuwait.

The national flag:

Flag was hoisted for the first time after independence in the morning of November 24, 1961 which is in the form of a rectangular horizontal equal to twice the display, divided into three horizontal sections are equal, the highest green, white, Valahmr and has a trapezoidal black base of the Great from the left, is equal to display the flag, and al-Qaeda Minor is equal to the white color display, and a height of one quarter the length of the flag. Was inspired by colors of the house of Arabic poetry of the poet Safi al-Din, a jewelry:

Eggs and Qaúana Snaúana prevail.

Khadr Mrabana

Red Moadina

Was formed the first national anthem of the flag and the State of Kuwait in 1978 and was prepared by the poet Ahmad Ibrahim, aggressive and composed Alsolh.

Kuwait was still the focus of attention and admiration of the world to talk due to its strategically important and oil wealth is estimated at about one hundred billion barrels, and external relations open, approach to a genuine democratic, and openness to other cultures and civilizations without neglecting the heritage of the deep.

Characterized by people with knowledge and deep experience of the affairs of the sea and put them in trade and prominent subject among nations and peoples.


17.881 km 2.


06/30/1997 2,152,775 people estimate of the Kuwaitis were 745.189 people.

National Day:

Feb. 25.

Holiday Editor:

February 26.

Independence of Kuwait and became a sovereign state in the June 19, 1961 when he abolished the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the Convention on January 23, 1899 signed between Kuwait and Britain in the November 11, 1962 ratified the draft constitution, a written constitution put by contract by the Board of the establishment of The Constitution identified three principles of the regime in Kuwait are:

Kuwait, an Arab state with full sovereignty - a democratic system of government. The sovereignty of the people, the source of all powers.

Standard Time:

Lynch Jr. + 3 hours.

International Contact Number:


Official holidays:

Friday and Saturday.


Kuwait has been known since the early seventeenth century Qurain, and the designation of a spouse or Kuwait is the reduction of the century, Côte, and the Horn means a hill or high ground, Al Kut, castle or fortress, which means "house built in the form of a castle or fortress" next to water, says a local tale that Sheikh Barrak bin Greer Al Hamid, who took over leadership of the Bani Khalid in the period from 1682-1669 had built Kuwait before the beginning of the eighteenth century.


Kuwait is located on the northwest tip of the Arabian Gulf, which bordered on the east and is bordered to the south-west Saudi Arabia, and north of the Republic of Iraq is considered by virtue of its outlet to the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula.


A continental climate characterized by long hot, dry winter and a short warm and sometimes rainy.

Emblem of the State:

Basit is the falcon wings embracing a ship above the waves Boom stable white and blue to commemorate the maritime past of the old Kuwait.


The national and official language is Arabic in Kuwait. However, the Kuwaitis speak dialect Gulf lovely and easy. The English is the second official language in the State of Kuwait.


85% The rest are Muslims and Christians, Hindus

Distinctive marks in Kuwait

Kuwait signs characterized by historical and contemporary, many. Kuwait Towers is the first of these marks and that are designed in the form of rose Arab exudes drops of water. And includes a cafe, restaurant and luxury shows revolving floor which has views of which we see several areas of the State of Kuwait, earning the prestigious special towers.

Another sign is the Sadu House, which displays all the beautiful arts Bedouin handicrafts. Visitors to enjoy the house to see a Bedouin women weave and hand-weaving, textile buying hand-or even have access to training courses in sewing and weaving.

In 1957, destroyed the wall surrounding the old ... in Kuwait and remained raised some serve as portals to the city became a place of pilgrimage historically interesting and unique visitors to the city of Kuwait.

There are also some interesting places in Kuwait:

Seif Palace

National Museum

Science Museum and the historic

Green Island

Entertainment City

Old Market

Friday Market

Scientific Center of Kuwait

Information on working hours

The days of the official working week in Kuwait is from Sunday to Thursday, which is on Friday and Saturday are the weekend. While work is in private companies half-time on Thursdays. While hours of work in different companies from company to company, some companies where they work full-time with a short break at lunch time, and some other companies are running two shifts morning and last evening. Often working shops and markets from 8:30 am to 12:30 noon and from 4:30 pm to 9:30 at night .. However, there are some commercial markets (mol) are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays. Note the change work schedules in all sectors during the month of Ramadan .. Where work schedules become irregular and very different from the rest of the year.

Information on population

Kuwaitis representing 37% of the proportion of the State of Kuwait, while made up the other 63% of other nationalities, making it the country with several cultures of several races. According to a report at the end of June 2001 from the Ministry of Planning, the proportion of the population in Kuwait estimated up to 2.228.363 .826.083 one million of whom are Kuwaiti citizens, while the number of non-Kuwaiti residents where to 1.402.280.


Kuwait has 9 islands are:

- Failaka

- Boubyan (the largest island area of ​​863 square kilometers)

- Or Maradim

- Or ants

- Warba

- Large

- Auhh Qarōh

- Miskan


Petroleum was discovered in 1936, but commercial production did not actually begin only in 1946.


Kuwait's economy is based on planning for long-term, medium and short, and on freedom and social responsibility initiatives of the private sector and organized by the country's constitution is based on 0 as in the coordination of development efforts and integration with the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.

The gross domestic product (GDP) according to the estimates of 1996 (927701) million Kuwaiti dinars, current market prices.

And national income (10214.8) million, and estimated per capita average of GDP (5289) JD and national income (5824) dinars in the year. The most prominent source is the output of oil and manufacturing industries (which consists of refining and petrochemical industries, food industries and building materials industry, etc.), trade and finance, real estate, transport and communications. Play as the proceeds of foreign investment for generations to reserve a large role as a source of national income and public revenues of the state. And contributed to crude oil, alone in the year 1996 by about (41277.4) million in GDP, or about 44.5% and contributes to the oil sector as a whole (crude and oil industries) is estimated at 52.2% of GDP.

Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development:

Exercise of the Kuwait Fund for economic development activities in the belief the continued cooperation between Kuwait and its sister Arab-Islamic by providing credit and aid, and the success of the fund to provide loans and assistance at the regional level and the Arab people to play a prominent role in various areas of development and investment 0 and breadth of this activity to include a number of African and Asian States and other countries in the developing world, is also focused on serving the purposes and objectives of the projects that contribute to the funding. In addition, pursuant to the application of the leadership of His Highness the Amir announced in his speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations on 27.09.1990 to alleviate the burdens of debts that burden developing countries, initiated by the Kuwaiti Fund to cancel the interest due on the Fund's outstanding loans and benefited from 26 countries African, Asian 12 countries and 9 Arab countries 0

Physical infrastructure:

With the State of Kuwait, like other Gulf Arab states, contributed to a strong infrastructure that oil revenues in the oil revolution played a major role is the most prominent features of the infrastructure include:

Reached total lengths of roads in Kuwait in the years 1995 - 4941 km area of ​​125 thousand kilometers.

Total installed capacity for electricity production in 1995 - 6898 MW and the maximum load (4730 MW in the same year.

Total installed capacity of distillation plants in 234 million imperial gallons per day.

The number of phone lines in Kuwait to 382.287 thousand lines including all the areas and neighborhoods.

Kuwait has a network sewerage and drainage of rain water which is a modern and innovative.

Kuwait's rulers:

Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber (Sabah I)

[D. 1190 AH corresponding to 1776]

Historians have disagreed over the date of beginning of the reign of Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber, but they agreed on the choice of the people of Kuwait to him, when they felt the need to be ordered they Amir of them, be a reference to them in solving problems, and the disposition of cases and controversies, Vuagahm, and consults with senior his people in the important of things, with obedience as required by the right, or whatever he wants from the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Lebanese Comunity in Kuwait