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The Lebanese Expatriation spread all over the world Became a wealth of Lebanon, is also a large part of the Lebanese economy, after the economic crisis, successive befallen Lebanon, the Lebanese economy is based largely on investments Expatriates and the establishment of projects in all economic sectors, through the bodies of expatriate local and global which had a positive impact, as well as remittances to their families in Lebanon, and contributions in support of charities and humanitarian.


Therefore, the focus on the definition of the economic activities of the Lebanese in the Diaspora and to identify their potential, is considered one of the main pillars to activate their role and benefit from their energies, and the equivalent of the economic importance of their role in the economic boom and construction of the States where they are located.


Production for the children of the rich cultural Lebanese Diaspora, is a production that would enhance some aspects of Arab culture, and add unique elements it was the offspring of those Lebanese creativity deployed in the quarters of the earth.


And because we keep abreast of events and economic activities in Lebanon and the Diaspora, and our follow-up conference which is taking place in Lebanon and the world, dealing with the affairs of Lebanese immigrants, we see that in spite of the efforts, but the activities were limited to certain aspects and overlooked many aspects could be exploited to activate the role of the Lebanese and his performance at the level of public action and at the level of trade exchange between the Lebanese in sectors that represent the countries in the Diaspora, in addition to the absence of media activities and information (technology), which has not kept all that to the extent required.


The Lebanese have started their migration since they are, and migration have historical roots dating back to the Phoenicians, and they are the first inhabitants of the coast of Lebanon, as it took up their trade and alphabet to the ancient world, spreading their civilization and culture in the land and got it, interacting with their communities and their peoples, and were the first who contributed to the drafting of the letter and circulated, and the establishment of the principles of trade and exchange of goods, starting from the first ship sailing up to the age of technology and e-commerce, also contributed to the age laws and the laws that organized the relationship between the peoples.


According to sources, the expatriate Albannaana current situation began to be formed since the late nineteenth century, and intensified in the early twentieth century, on the eve of World War I as a result of political and economic factors. Attribute the researchers beginning of the history of immigration from Lebanon, the invasion of the Russian fleet to Syria in 1772 and bombed the city of Beirut, while others spoke about the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte of Palestine and the defeat of the Ottoman army, and was succeeded by that of the operational military and economic long-stomata directly, including holes in the Lebanese, the result was more than twelve million overseas Lebanese in the world, while not exceeding the number of Lebanese living in Lebanon four million.


Have been recorded Lebanese immigration more currents and dangerous between 1900 and 1914, as the number of inhabitants of the mountain at a remarkable rate and the number of immigrants to Brazil alone accounted for at the end of World War Two million people, "and studies show that Lebanon is the first country in the world in terms of export migration compared to the number of its inhabitants.


And waves of Lebanese migration started in the mid nineteenth century and included Egypt, the United States, Latin America, Australia .1918-1943 included Africa, Australia. 1945 1975 Arab oil countries, Africa, Australia. 1975 1990 Western Europe, America, Arab countries, Africa, Australia. In the year 1990, including some Eastern European countries, a group of Independent States.


Lebanese migration and located in four phases are distributed as follows:

The first phase: from the seventeenth century until the mid-nineteenth century, during which he traveled a limited number of Lebanese and Syrians to Egypt and to the leading commercial cities of Europe and the Near East (Livorno, Marseille, Manchester) .


The second phase, "phase Almtsrfah" of the mid-nineteenth century until the early years of the twentieth century · traveled during which a number is limited to the Americas North and South despite the attempt of the Ottoman Empire to prevent the travel because of the need for elements of a young woman serving in the Ottoman army · Most of the migrant young Christians Druze and most of the low level of social and culture is limited .

The third stage: the stage of the Mandate after the First World War, the United States Anglguet doors and some other countries in the faces of newcomers and opened up other doors in the African colonies, which was run by the British and the French and the need to be new elements


 IV: "recourse to the oil states" with the growth of the economy in the countries of Persian Gulf in the sixties and the outbreak of the war in Lebanon in 1975, many Lebanese emigrated to the United States to residents enrolled them there, or dependent on the personal competencies


Despite the long absence from home, but that Lebanon was not lost on their minds for the moment, Valbannana adheres to the identity and belonging to his country, expressed in all the events and circumstances, in war and peace, through its contribution to the development and activation of the Lebanese economy, either directly, through investments and investments in sectors Lebanese economic, and indirectly, through monthly remittances to their families and relatives in Lebanon.


However, the years preceding their circumstances difficult made the means of communication almost cut off, which inevitably to those concerned to find these means, it has become the focus on the affairs Emigrant is the main concern of the Lebanese state, and began working on what would serve the Lebanese Diaspora, and the creation of climates suitable for investment.


In this aspect, the attention of the chairpersons direct affairs emigrant, given the permanent support and continuous, and care for all conferences and events that deal with alienation, gives conclusive evidence of the policy Emigrant adopted by the State to regulate and activate the role of the Diaspora through the issuance of laws that are in line with the aspirations of the business and meet their aspirations, and through organized action falls within the institutional framework of local economic agencies and expatriate, to the benefit of Lebanon and the Diaspora.


The Lebanese expatriates, have had significant contributions to the development of the Lebanese economy, for decades, even in difficult circumstances during the war of Lebanon, through investments that Zvoha in the economic sectors of all, indifferent state of war, but on the contrary was their interest in growing their country mother / Lebanon, Volhm Lebanese Economic and all its contents was not lost for a moment from their minds.


Was the industrial sector interest in them and received a high proportion of investments Emigrant, where he became a great significance in the national economy, given its role in the formation of economic value added, and the formation of the gross national product and national income, and operation of an important part of the workforce, as well as is the case for the sector tourist who has gained great importance in the postwar period in the composition of the trade balance and stimulate overall growth, through investments Emigrant and employment in tourism projects through the establishment of major tourist establishments, in order to restore the role of Lebanon's tourism and reposition it on the international tourist destination, as is the case for the real estate sector .


Lebanon is a unique phenomenon in the world, as the number of Lebanese deployed in the world is three times the number of residents in Lebanon, and Itbooaon highest positions in the decision process.

And the Lebanese residing in Lebanon aspire always to communicate with the Lebanese expatriates, ranging from university students seeking job opportunities outside of Lebanon, through hotels, restaurants and car rental offices and all tourism enterprises who aim to attract tourists and expatriates, to the industrialists who are keen to find new markets, banks and financial institutions to attract deposits and investments emigrant, down to all businesses, not more effective than that through the evidence base includes more than 40 000 the name of the businessman Manantchron in more than 80 countries around the world, which allows us to communicate with more than one million Lebanese around the world.


From here, came a series expatriate Lebanese (Lebanese in the world), and the creation of website under the title:


Which provides comprehensive information and detailed information on the Lebanese communities in the world, and their economic activities, commercial, industrial, and includes a database (Database) the names of companies belonging to them and their activities, in order to secure the communication channels required to identify their activities in various sectors, allowing for the exchange of ideas and creating opportunities for complementary and secure investment opportunities for individuals and successful companies.


This work answers a good time for these needs, in line with the age of technology, Computer, Internet and communications, which have become a main nerve in handling commercial and financial world, and became its services diversified, short for time and a new system of human life, "I", and to answer any questions serve the Lebanese who want to cooperation with one another to encourage investment, which serves as national issues and issues of states where they live in "II."


We hope that this is a site in the near future, the main nucleus for the establishment of an information center on the Lebanese Diaspora in the world, and become the main channel of communication among themselves, and between Lebanon.


From this angle, we would like to mention some of the stages required to implement the work of this size and this effect, the book industry and research, is, like other industries that need to be raw material or "raw material", and our article here, a rare, with certain restrictions, that is available randomly and sometimes rare.


We affirm that the book industry, like other industries, the product or item is what appears to the eye, to be felt, and many are unaware of the stages required by the industry and the strenuous efforts being made in each stage of the work.


We do not say that the birth of this project was a Caesarean section, but stumbled at times because of the spread of information and distribution in more ways than one. But our determination to see the newborn light, led us to connect nights Balnharrat, it has resorted to direct visits to all institutions and persons concerned, as the basis of the sources of correct information and accurate, according to the models developed specifically for this purpose, which requires time and effort, and cost of material too.


Therefore, we consider our work, a modest contribution in completing the knowledge-based Lebanese, Lebanon, expatriate, and knowledge of the Lebanese expatriate, Lebanon resident, "I", then push this information, within the pages of this site, to be accessible to everyone, "II", material knowledge additional.


We hope that we have been successful in this work and the goals that we aspire to, and in priority to create a gathering of senior Lebanese around the world would serve the expatriate and their country of residence and thus the service of Lebanon in all fields, and we hope to be well signed well in both those familiar with it. We invite all who wish to join this site to do their part of the initiative to register their information and participation, to the benefit of the joint.


We have over the past five years, ie since the start of a Lebanese in the world, 2003 to implement and create a site in the world, the Lebanese version of eight books on the Lebanese Diaspora:


First, a series of expatriate Lebanese


- Book of the Lebanese in the UAE, the first version (2005-2004), II (2006),.


- Book of the Lebanese in Kuwait, the first version (2006-2005), II (2006) and third (2007), IV (2009). And fifth (2011).


- Book of the Lebanese in Oman and Qatar, the first version (2006).


- Book of the Lebanese in the Gulf, the first version (2008).


We are currently preparing for a new notching include Alomirictan, Africa and Europe.


And includes every book from cover to cover:


- About the history of relations between Lebanon on the state of alienation. And trade agreements signed between them.


- About the activities of the Lebanese community and their contribution to the economic boom and urban in that State.


- General information about the two countries.


We have received many letters of thanks and mention this work of the heads and officials in Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, and some politicians, ministers, ambassadors and others, (attached copies of some of these messages).


To advertise in a series of books

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Second, the Lebanese site in the world

This site is characterized by many advantages, among them on but not limited to:


- Feature of the dissemination of information about you for free, and update your address

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- Payment of fees due to publish Advertise on this site Batbaekm the instructions on the site.


- Search for a contact person, company or country or activity quite easily.


In addition to several features we are developing, a detailed explanation. Description Nkadim have not really.


- General information about the Diaspora and the countries laws and real estate investment and trade, and information on visas and residency laws and the laws of the agencies, and all the laws ...


- Publish free ads to job applications or staff.


Has been the adoption of the way typical for the dissemination of information in the form of (Business Card) or CV (CV) in a scientific meet all the needs in order to facilitate the process of trade and exchange of information in various fields from all sectors, quite easily, to serve the business, and to find means of communication easy.


Therefore, we have adopted a standard form for generating information and data to companies and individuals, identify the information required in the form which is consistent with the process of inclusion on the project site on the Internet, can be filled manually and can be filled electronically through the site


To add your details

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We point out that the Declaration wrote in the Lebanese in the world confined to institutions and companies belonging to the Lebanese, the Lebanese advertising within the site in the world is available to all.


The basis of our convictions of the importance of the role played by the play of this project at the national, trade and Aalastnad to the previous stage and the success in spite of modest means, the efforts of the individual, but the results were responsive to the aspirations, which prompted us to continue in a more comprehensive and broader development of this project and expand the spread of part of a deliberate plan based on real facts that we experienced during the previous period, taking into account the errors and gaps that we signed it, with our great bridge all gaps and correct errors in subsequent phases.


The site includes the Lebanese database containing up to now about 40 thousand name of a businessman of some 80 countries around the world, and can be anyone in the world when he visited the search site on behalf of the company or the person or the nickname or the activity or the state, once you enter the name in the box designated for that purpose and the pressure on Keyword (search), to reach the search result that he suffered, (person's name, company name, activity and country) without providing a full address, telephone and details ....... When you click on any name to see details ask him a user name and password.


We are developing the site in several areas of the service of Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora countries and service, we recall, for example:


- Issuing a card for each participant bears his name enables him to obtain discounts from companies and organizations such as airlines, hotels and restaurants in Lebanon and the world.


- The establishment of an electronic marketplace through the site to display and sell products in Lebanon. And products in the countries of the Lebanese Diaspora.


- Service to send SMS from the site to the mobile phone.


- And many other services that can be explained later, all services obtained by the joint participation once Amerreqia $ 50 per year.


Has received this work with particular care in order to be the best of a suit that in terms of shape and quality of printing, or terms of content, the information contained in, derived from official sources and semi-official, which is beyond doubt, make it a point of reference for expatriate Lebanese, after the release of the book the Lebanese in Kuwait, and the Book of the Lebanese in the UAE, and the Book of the Lebanese in the Gulf, and the Book of the Lebanese people in the world, and formed us an incentive to continue in a more comprehensive and broader, comes the book the Lebanese in the world, completing his input to our books the previous, in order to enrich the library of Lebanese and Arab, including offers to add them in terms of content and not in terms of numerical addition.